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Ohrid, Macedonia

We stumbled upon this workshop for how to make paper. We had heard to go check them out from a friend, so we immediately went in to see what it was about. 

It was a small room, with a lot of papers with drawings of the scenery of Ohrid on it. A lady came and asked if we wanted to know how to make paper, we eagerly said yes and she went on to explain the process. 

This was an ancient process where they mixed wood chips and water together and some cotton to bind the two. She simply mixed up the huge tub and then put a strainer in the tub. She took it out, the water strained out and a thick piece of paper was magically formed. 

She told us it then had to be pressed down, dried in the sun for three days and then pressed down again to be flattened. This was really an impressive process and the paper was made so quickly. 

If you are in Ohrid, don’t miss this simple workshop. We also saw other places around the city where they offered metal workshops and even wood ones too. 

By Alice